Who am I?

What I have to offer you

I will do my best to offer you lessons from my life.  I have 40 years experience at this and I have made my fair share of mistakes, ok a lot of mistakes.  Well these mistakes have taught me about life, and I want to share these lessons I have learned with you.  I will also answer any questions you have or offer my advise.  I hope to have some other services to offer you relating to my photography, D&D and some of my writing.

About Me

  • 40 year old
  • Transgender Woman
  • Parent of two wonderful boysimages
  • Parent of 4 cats with my Girlfriend
  • Divorced
  • Photographer
  • Environmental Scientist
  • D&D player and dungeon master
  • Video gamer
  • Geocacher
  • Kayaker
  • All around, self-proclaimed geek and nerd

This section should have be the easiest to write, but it was harder than I thought. This is me in a nutshell.  I like to think that I am an open book, so please feel free to ask question you have about me or anything.Who