Lesson 5

Stop living in the past.

I will be the first to admit that I made mistakes in my past.  Okay, I royally f@*&ed up in the past.  I know that, now you know that, so why do we live in the past?

Some of us can move on without a problem, but others harp on the past.  I used to constantly re-live or playback everything I did wrong and even somethings that I did right.  Mostly the wrong stuff.  Personally I was looking for ways to change the outcome.  It was like a way to learning from my mistakes.  I might have learned something the first or second time I played it back, but after that I was starting down the road to depression.  If you are too busy living or re-living the past how will you be here in the present?

You are probably ready to learn how to stop living in the past, right?  Well, it’s cliché, it might sound stupid, but it works.  Just let it go!Elsa

Elsa had it right.  Let me ask you a few questions that help me get out of the past:

Is it over, or is this issue coming back?

Are you doing any good harping on this issue?

Can you do anything to change what happened?

That last one is usually the big one for me.  If you can change it, because it’s a recent event, then yeah go do something.  If you can’t then let it go and move on.  The deed is done, the damage is done, whatever.  It’s over!

Simple?  Yes.  Silly?  Maybe.  Stupid?  Not if you want to get out from your past and start living.


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