Lesson 2 & 3

If you don’t know what you want how are you going to get it?

The next two lessons that I learned in my life are equal in importance and go hand in hand.  Knowing what YOU want has been bouncing around in my mind for the past couple of days so I decided to let it out, and tell the world.

want it now

Every time I thought about this Veruca Salt, played by Julie Dawn Cole from the original Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, started singing in my head.  Yes, I made that picture big, but Veruca is a very big personality.  She may not be the best example of getting what YOU want but sometimes you might need to channel your inner Veruca Salt to get what you want.

You may be asking yourself why this is important?  I have learned that if I don’t know what I want I will never be happy with what I do or what happens.  This is true for everything in life from the small to the large.  How many times do we ask ourselves or our friends “What do you want to do?” or “What do you want to eat?”, and how many time do we say “I don’t know.”?  But we do know, we know we want to go do this or eat that.  Why don’t we just tell the world what we want?  OK, telling the world might be too much but you get the idea.  Keep reading for the answer.

The last couple of weekends my girlfriend and I did absolutely nothing.  While it was nice to spend time with just her and save money, it wasn’t what either one of us wanted to do.  Neither one of us voiced an opinion and we just went back and forth until we settled on doing nothing.  Yes we SETTLED.  That sounds horrible.  Why just settle when you could have what you want?  I promise the answer is coming soon.

This settling lead to regret and some fight about why we “NEVER” do anything.  Yes never is an exaggeration, but things we don’t mean get said in arguments.  All of this; the fights, the settling, the regret, the doing nothing, the wasted time can be solved by Knowing What YOU Want & Telling The World.  Yes, what YOU want.  Not what anyone else wants, YOU.  The reason that it is capital YOU is so you can see this is about you and no one else.  You wont be happy until you are honest with yourself.  Dig deep if you have to but I’m sure the answer isn’t that deep down.

Here is my disclaimer: Be honest with yourself, because you know what you want. And voice your opinion or it will never be heard. BUT, don’t be an asshole and listen to what others want to.  Yes this is your life, but unless you want to be alone you need to include others in your life.

You waited patiently so here is the answer to why we don’t say what we want.  We have been taught to be considerate of other and to not be greedy.  I agree that we should, but we are doing this to a fault.  We are letting others get what they want and walk all over us in the process.

Be honest with yourself and let others know what you want.



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